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Step 1 – USAW Membership

Before you can wrestle with the Rhinos you must provide proof you have a current USAW Wrestling Card. For liability reasons Wrestlers will not be able to set foot on the mat until we have verified your current USAW Membership. A USAW Membership provides insurance in case of injury at at USAW events. Read more...

We can now verify membership online.  As long as you purchase your card and select Wrestling Rhinos as your club, you do not need to bring a copy of your card to practice.

If you attend any USAW event (tournaments, scrimmages, etc.) you will be required to show a copy of your USAW card to participate, there are no exceptions. They will turn you a away if you cannot show your card. We recommend making several copies of your card putting on in dad’s wallet, mom’s wallet, the glove box, your wrestling bag, etc. Also take a picture with your phone.


$15 Limited Athlete Card allows you to practice with Rhinos and attend WWKWL (Novice) events and USAW events (not including the state tournament).

$45 Full Athlete Membership allows you to practice with Rhinos for the full year (Oct-June, including Freestyle).  It allows you to attend USAW Freestyle and Folkstyle events, including Folkstyle State.

You can upgrade your membership for no extra charge if you decide to stay on for Freestyle after Folkstyle ends.

You can purchase your card here. Please see the USA Wrestling website for the full details. If you need help, there are instructions here.

Step 2 – Create Wrestling Rhino Account

After obtaining your USAW Wrestling Card for the current season, the next step is to create a Wrestling Rhino account on this website.

Click this link to create a new account. Upon completing the new account process, you will receive an email from Rhinos Wrestling with a link to the registration page. Please read the information  on the Registration page, decide which level is appropriate for your wrestler, then follow the corresponding link to register and pay.

Step 3 – Complete Registration

After creating an account on this website, Please go to the Registration page.

Read through the information on the page, and click the link for the appropriate level for you wrestler. Fill out the information on the Registration form, then click the “Add to cart” link. This will take you to PayPal where you can pay the dues for your wrestler. If you are registering multiple wrestlers, you can return to the Rhinos site and register additional wrestlers. Go to Registration page.