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Wrestling Rhinos Code of Conduct


  • No Rhino will perform or allow willful, flagrant or repeated destruction of personal or public property.
  • No Rhino shall use or permit the use of abusive or threatening language or conduct toward any tournament official, opposing coach, parent, or wrestler.
  • No Rhino shall conduct themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner. Nor will they allow unsportsmanlike like behavior from others.
  • No Rhino shall participate in or allow an act of theft to be perpetrated.
  • No use of tobacco will be allowed by any Rhino while accompanied by a competing club member.
  • No alcohol or illicit drugs will be allowed by any Rhino while on any Rhino sanctioned activities. Drugs approved or prescribed by proper medical personnel for use by a member shall be exempted.
  • No Rhino shall falsify or permit the falsification of any document relative to the Wrestling Rhinos or USA Wrestling, our governing body.
  • No Rhino shall participate in, or permit fighting or physical abuse.
  • No Rhino shall use language that is inappropriate. This also sanctions that the usage of the word “can’t” will be punishable by 50 push ups.