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Wrestling Information

This section of our site is dedicated to information on the sport of wrestling like the rules, how points are scored, etc. We also have a Parent Info page (focused on more administrative topics) and a Tournament Info page (focused specifically on preparing for and attending tournaments). If you have any additional questions please post on our Facebook page.

Basics of Folkstyle Wrestling Scoring
In Folkstyle wrestling position is very important. Improving your position is woRead more

Basic Wrestling Information
This is a great document by Bill Campbell and endorsed by USA Wrestling introducing you to the basics of wrestling.

USA Wrestling Rulebook
The official rule book of USA Wrestling, 163 pages and very technical.

USA Wrestling Age Divisions and Weight Classes
To ensure fair match ups in tournaments wrestlers are grouped by age and weight. This chart breaks down the age and weight groups along with the length of matches for each grouping.

USA Wrestling Coaches Curriculum
Video instruction demonstrating some basic wrestling moves.

Official Hand Signals
These are the hand signals the official, coaches and wrestlers will use to communicate during the match.

USA Wrestling Injury Form
Use this form when reporting injuries to USA Wrestling.